Second only to Religion, Education in Nigeria grew from the early 1980´s with an average priority to a Must have for every Nigerian family irrespective of ethnicity, or religious affiliation. In recent years several western countries are beginning to acknowledge the amount of revenue generated from Nigerian, for example ,according to Universities UK in 2014 the United Kingdom revenue generated from Nigerian being the third largest student sender to UK, Nigerian students numbering an estimated 17,620 as at 2014 providing the UK economy upwards of £ 528,600,000 ( five hundred and twenty eight million six hundred thousand ) just in school fees and an additional £126,864,000 ( one hundred and twenty six million eight hundred and sixty-four thousand Pounds), the sum total is that in 2014 Nigerian sum cost spent on education in the United Kingdom is almost equally the Nigerian Government annual budget which stood at about £ 2,033,066,700,000 which of course if the sum total of global Nigerian school fees to western countries is put in perspective then the figure will far surpass the total Nigerian budget.


When any Nigerian student is asked why the choice of studying outside Nigeria and paying so much for foreign education the response comes mostly instantaneously and unanimously that the Nigerian education is not good and the infrastructures are obsolete. One could only wonder that if the amount spent in the United Kingdom alone is invested in Nigerian school that would go a long way to improve the Nigerian educational quality, thinking out loud here.

The educational system in Nigeria today though a Must have is still trailing behind most developing countries this in part is due to corruption and mismanagement of the educational system in Nigeria. The worst affected in the Nigerian educational systems is the public-school sector, with an obsolete structural system, the structure of Nigerian public schools is so bad that (not to offend anyone) zoo´s in western countries are better preserved and honestly cleaner.

Most teaching staffs in public schools are either under-qualified or with out-dated teaching skills, this is partly due to the salary scale for public school teachers in comparison to that of private school teachers thus leading to knowledge and talent migration. This burden of the lack of professionality or experience heightens the burden on the overall administration of the public-school systems which sees several abuses and cruelty against children.

Although these abuses and cruelty is predominant in public schools it would not be an accurate account to just isolate these issues to just public schools but rather the same issues still exist in some private schools. According to several studies by most renowned psychotherapist child brutality and abuse such as the ones suffered by students in Nigerian public and some private schools results in mental disabilities for children, the article written by Denise Cummins Ph.D, she made mention of the negative effects of spanking or abusing children from anxiety and depression to alcohol , ganging and drug abuse.


         As a Nigerian over 50´s I also could say that our teachers used to use phrases like “spare the rod and spoil the child” “ every failure must be punished” , these types of beliefs  spreads to the homes of the children and eventually  the children grow up and become parents themselves with such mindset. The resulting outcome of many years of such abuse and molestation of Nigerian children has produced a society where morality is at the lowest, crime in some areas is perceived as cool, drug abuse is also in some areas a leisure that is practised openly.

Apart from the issues aforementioned, the educational quality in Nigeria is also greatly damaged by the set quota system that ensures that children from some parts of Nigeria do not need to learn or study hard to move higher in the educational hierarchy while for the other parts others the length of the academic ladder keeps growing taller with the academic development ever growing more and more difficult.


Children in the group of the privileged or less effort demanding quotas, though might feel opportune and privileged “ alas if only certificate is an attestation knowledge “ , the result of this systematic educational privilege practised over the past 4 decades is visible today in the Nigerian work force where one finds graduates in professional fields like engineering working as a bank teller, “ not meaning that a bank teller is a bad job” but rather that an engineer or true knowledge of engineering should belong where it is mostly needed

Online schooling or online classroom is a growing possibility with some leading schools in Nigeria now providing their students with online platforms where students can get their school and homework online. The application of online facilities for Nigerian students should be praised as a worthy effort by leading schools in Nigeria aimed at alleviating some of the daily stress experienced by giving the students a fair choice in times where going to school.



In recent years, some students in Nigeria are in schools where they are provided online access, a high number of these online platform provided by leading schools, though a commendable effort, still remain un-used by Nigerian students. The reasons given by a high number of Nigerian students with access to such facility includes things like, ”it is only there for drop and pick assignment” ”it is very slow and most links do not work” “ not able to upload assignment”, those are a few common complaints from students on the other hand lecturers and students mostly complain about not being able to even use the facility without an IT support staff helping to upload assignments or classwork.

The fault or errors being experienced by students and teachers alike in most Nigerian online learning platforms should not be blamed on the schools, most schools in Nigeria hires mostly inexperience IT support with little or no real experience in supporting online educational platforms, educational platform ownership and management is not as easy as maybe just a company website or even a simple e-commerce website, maintenance is expensive and time demanding.



Firstly, let me point out that online learning platforms are not just restricted to drop-offs and pick-ups of assignments but a place where real-time classwork is made available, assignments are handed over and collected, where students meet with their pairs, build relationships with other students, get access to online library and much more. There are several options out in the web that Nigerian for example there is an option which is just a platform for learning the different courses offered there, but I don’t think that Nigerian school will need another body teaching their students. Another option also provides a retail online platform with the lowest price of € 4.68 per user per month, this means that the owner and each teacher in addition each student for this price , the service has too many restrictions and does not provide enough access because if a student cannot afford the month then he or she cannot get access.


In the absence of the above mentioned options, 9jaacademy is one online schooling platform with big emphasis on the schooling because 9jaacademy is the first online learning platform that offers a fully customisable, this means that schools can change their pages to match the schools chosen colours, add the school logo, create classrooms, post blogs, get online student registration, post position opening for teachers and other staff members, buy books for their students online, enrol their students for various professional international examinations, collect their school fees online, enrol students for inter-school subject competitions

The services provided for schools in Nigeria by 9jaacademy for schools does not end with academic assistance but also administration, school registered in 9jaacademy can print out student report cards, set their own examinations, test and mocks, real time class room access, fully synchronized class progression access, this means what goes on locally can be viewed by students online.

9jaacademy is also the first and only online platform that is and will always remain free for all Nigerian students provided the institution they represent or attend is a member of 9jaacademy schools. 9jacademy offers Nigerian schools a fully managed schooling platform where attending students can amongst other things, attend live classrooms, submit assignments, pickup assignments, attend library, interact on safe-line with students in similar classes like themselves from other schools in Nigeria thereby improving on learning.

9jaacademy also provides for academic staffs more than just drop-offs and pick-ups, there are also various rooms and avenues for self-improvement provided in a p2p format, academic staffs are provided with different rooms for interactions with their pairs from other schools, there is the subject room where academic staffs can meet colleagues of similar subject area to exchange views, teaching experiences , interaction or student performance issues.

Membership at 9jaacademy is free for schools in the first six months then afterwards the lowest membership fee is just ? 21,540.00 per month and unlimited students, classrooms and much more. Being a member of 9jaacademy the school is ranked globally, this is good because the effects of Nigerian schools improper ranking in the global stage is the sole reason why a high number of Nigerian student when they chose to study abroad are forced to repeat their previous levels or classes or even at times are told to attend in junior class.

The membership fee paid by schools in 9jaacademy covers all maintenances and support issues thereby ensuring that students and staffs all have a pleasurable online experience while there is a good continuation of the students learning process and progress. A member school can also place online advert for staffs in regards to job vacancies, open enrolment for online enrolment of students, with these two possibilities schools can reach out to qualified staffs.

9jaacademy also offers academic staff grading systems based on student´s exit interviews, scores and performance in various inter-school online contest, in other words 9jaacademy provides visible rating system for academic staffs. The benefits of registering in 9jaacademy extends beyond just the schools, academic, non-academic staffs and students, 9jaacademy also provides access for parents of students because various studies show that parents or guardians active participation in the academic progression of their wards always usually produces a positive result for both the school, academic staff and student. If you have received have received invitation from your school to join in this unique online experience then use the first entry link here and complete you entry process.

9jaacademy offers much more than can be mentioned here but one thing that is fully shown here is that 9jaacademy is a cost effective place for all Nigerian schools that removed the need for extra IT support staff, if you or your school is not already a member of 9jaacademy then register here and get free six months trial with full access for you and your school now !

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