Searching the web for online studies in Nigeria is like searching for a grain of salt on a sand field even when results come out all you see is online universities and even then, there are only a hand full of school that offer online services. There are several reasons why this is the case in Nigeria, if your thought is that because Nigeria is a poor country then I am sorry to say that you are wrong.

According the World bank Nigeria scores 0.2% in the educational population, this low ranking has nothing to do with the poverty rate as Nigeria is one of the few countries in the world where education can be acquired absolutely for free, with free education one will expect the number or percentage of educated Nigerians to be much higher than just a 0.2% ranking. The thing is that also based on World bank statistics Nigeria scores (the highest OF ALL Nigerian ranking) 1.1% in cultural beliefs and standards. Although education is in recent times mostly accepted by Nigerian families, education in some areas is still regarded as a privilege and not a right even in some homes in Nigeria the children of school ages attending school have to do some kind of handwork therefore the real importance of education in these sectors is seen as secondary in a child’s life survival.


There is also a general understanding or perception amongst some sectors of the Nigerian society where education is accepted, that education means going to a specific location called “school” to receive training, this understanding or perception does not give adequate or equal acceptance to online schooling. Due to the porosity in the Nigerian educational system caused by the ever-depreciating educational infrastructure, most Nigerian school graduates are in most cases somewhat under-educated and lack adequate knowledge in defence of the studies at which they under-took.


 With the lack of sound education from the conventional educational studies, it is imperative that schools as well as the educational authorities in Nigeria provides online facilities for students who have not been able to cover the full school curriculum. I know that this blog might be somewhat annoying to some hardcore Nigerians but the truth still remains that in Nigeria there are some (a considerable number of) students with school leaving certificate and still are not able to read or write and a good number of Nigerian students with some level of computer science training without ever seeing a computer.

Several academic bodies have in recent years been providing Nigerian students with online studies possibilities, the online services provided though they are sound and well structured still lack the inclusivity of schools and less privileged students. It is a sad situation in Nigeria that countries in the west or developed nations are making billions of Pounds, Dollars and all sorts of foreign currencies from the few rich Nigerians while the Nigerian education infrastructure is in a state of utter destruction and not just the infrastructure but the children of the less privileged Nigerians ends up as collateral damage.


9jaacademy is one great way for Nigerian schools to offer study-everywhere possibility for both the privileged and less-privileged Nigerian students alike, with 9jaacademy all students are afforded free access to all Nigerian students as long as their attended schools are members of the academy. 9jaacademy is a non-governmental organisation with the goal of improving Nigerian educational standards by providing online educational services for all school and free for all students regardless of the student’s economic situation.

The 9jaacademy philosophy is education first and for all !!! the services provided by 9jaacademy is not a course room, classroom or seminar centre, 9jaacademy provides all Nigerian schools with their own fully customisable web presence. 9jaacademy takes the term “fully customisable” web platform to the last word, with every classroom, department, activities, academic and non-academic staff fully represented with each and every sub-division also represented.

The uniqueness of 9jaacademy does not just end with schools being able to implement each and every sector of the school on the web but 9jaacademy also allows each school complete administration of their individual web platform, with the ability to change the colour, logo, structure of their page to match the fully representation of each school.  9jaacademy is not a platform for just schools and students  but rather 9jaacademy understand the importance of the participation of parents/ guardians  too.


Refer your school today and start building the future for all Nigerian students!!!

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